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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575 Discussion
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2009 07:21:18 GMT
Hi, I've spent a little time looking into this problem (i.e., 
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575) a bit more thoroughly so that I can fully understand what 
error scenarios need to be considered for inclusion in this JIRA. Delos has done 
a good job with his current patch as it covers many of the obvious error 
scenarios like "Start, Stop, Restart server", "Set , Reset, Remove Project 
runtime Target", "Publish, Republish, Remove module". However, there are other 
permutations and error scenarios that I think we should strive to handle as well. 
For example, there are at least two possible permutations for each of the above 
scenarios that should be accounted for:

	1.  Failure/Exception on the GEP side
	2.  Failure/Exception on the WTP side

Also, there are other scenarios that entail interactions with WTP that I think 
should be addressed since they have caused considerable  user confusion in the 
past when failures occur. For example (again considering failures on both GEP and 
WTP sides):

	-- Failure/Exception when connecting to the server
	-- Failure/Exception when invoking the "Run on Server" wizard instead of using 
the Add/Remove wizard
	-- Failure/Exception when logging in to the server from the GEP
	-- Probably many others that escape me now
I guess what I'm really suggesting is that we need a consistent implementation 
throughout the GEP when interactions with WTP are involved so that 
Failures/Exceptions are presented to the user in an intuitive manner (e.g., an 
Error Dialog and/or Eclipse log messages). Unfortunately this is not the case 
today, but Delos has certainly started down the right track to mitigate many of 
these GEP usability problems. Thoughts ??

Tim McConnell

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