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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] ApacheCon '09 Geronimo Track: Content
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 13:00:15 GMT

I definitely agree that we need some theme for the afternoon and talking 
about the future (especially for Geronimo where things will be changing 
a fair amount) is always a good choice.

I'm not sure if there was an implied order below ... but I would 
recommend the following:
1) Custom Server Assemblies (with a strong emphasis on current Geronimo 
architecture and the move to OSGi .... IMHO this sets the stage well for 
2) Blueprint Container Specification and Geronimo
3) JPA 2.0 Specification (I agree it would be best to include general 
EE6 outlook).

Great suggestions everybody ... wish I could attend ApacheCon!


Kevan Miller wrote:
> Looking at these proposals, my thoughts are pulled towards where is 
> Geronimo going? Even though, we're busy finalizing a 2.2 release, I'd 
> like to see a good portion of our session focused on where we're taking 
> Geronimo. Hopefully, we'd already have a lot of actual implementation to 
> discuss by November.
> So, looking towards a Geronimo of the future, I think of Blueprint, OSGi 
> and EE6. That would leave me with the following talks. I might even ask 
> if we can adjust the talks, slightly,  to help with the overall theme.
> * Blueprint Container Specification and Geronimo
> * Custom Server Assemblies (include a good overview of Geronimo and OSGi)
> * JPA 2.0 Specification (also include a general EE 6 outlook?)
> Apologies if I'm playing editor too much. Feel free to whack my hands 
> with a ruler...
> Vamsi,
> I think your topics are great and relevant. I know that some are 
> proposed for the general sessions. I'd certainly love to see one or 
> more, there... They just aren't in-sync with where my thoughts are 
> running for the Geronimo track.
> --kevan

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