Derby has released a new version last month. If possible, let's upgrade to this version for 2.2?


2009/5/29 David Jencks <>

On May 28, 2009, at 7:19 AM, Daniel Kulp wrote:

On Wed May 27 2009 12:55:29 pm David Jencks wrote:
Here are some things I really really want in 2.2.  Since my main focus
at the moment is getting the incipient 3.0 more osgi-ready if I have
to do all of them 2.2 will be a long time coming... so hopefully
others will become inspired and want to help :-)

- in no particular order  -

1. upgrade to maven 2.1

I would "pause" on this.   You cannot do releases with 2.1 as the gpg plugin
doesn't work with it. We're still "discussing" what to do about it.   2.0.10
is OK and a fix is in place for 2.2, but I'm not sure if the fix is going to
be pulled back into 2.1.x.

Thanks for the heads-up.  Assuming maven 2.2 doesn't beat g 2.2 we'll go with m 2.0.10,  Seems to be working OK so far....

david jencks


2. upgrade to latest apache pom (6?)
3. upgrade to latest assembly plugin to help with source distros (I
don't think it's released yet)
4. reexamine genesis and trim it (probably means genesis 2)
5. use the release plugin
6. get all our private dependencies into maven central.  This probably
means releasing with our groupId unless we can get the projects to do
a release

7. When we deploy, write the plan into the plugin something like the
car-maven-plugin does.  Same with the default geronimo-plugin.xml
8. We need some way to override/configure/set javaee env-entry values
from something other than the original spec dd or annotation

9. In the console, provide a uniform way to completely specify the
artfiact ID for a plan being created.  Save the groupId and version as
config-substitutions or something persistent.
10. Provide a way to edit artifact-aliases in the console.  Include a
way to specify artifact-alias when installing a jar.

david jencks

Daniel Kulp