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Hi All:
I am a newbie to Geronimo.
Although I only digged into the internal implementation of Geronimo for only about a month.
I was absorbed by the flexibility of Geronimo framework and its GBean implementation.
Geronimo is a very great integration framework.
Currently most other application server have been ported to OSGI framework in order to be standard compatible
and utilize the strength of OSGI.
Is there any schedule or plan for Geronimo to be ported to OSGI?

We're working on it.... 
Can the GBean framework be kept unchanged once Geronimo was changed to OSGI based?

My current plan is to 
- use osgi classloaders (bundles)
- put the geronimo kernel in the osgi service registry
- geronimo plugins will become bundles
- there will be a bundle activator that starts up a Configuration (plugin).

I think this will let gbeans more or less work in an osgi environment.

We also have a osgi blueprint service implementation that is pretty far along and we may decide that converting all or most of our plugins to be blueprint based bundles is a good idea.

There are also some problems I don't know how to solve in osgi, mostly how to decide, given several bundles that supply the same packages, which one to use.  At the moment I'm leaning towards keeping our maven-like dependency system for this purpose.  Another perspective on this problem is, given a bundle with some dependencies on packages and services, how do you figure out what other bundles are needed to assemble a working server.

david jencks

     Any information about OSGI for Geronimo is welcomed.
     Best Regards.