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From Fredrik Jonson <>
Subject Re: Update the 2.2 release status page?
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 15:20:25 GMT
Rex Wang wrote:

>  How frequent do you think is the most appropriate for Geronimo?

Frequent releases is in a sign of a healthy and active project and nothing
else. I understand that a Geronimo release is a massive undertaking with
the TCK and a wide range of domain specific issues that are hard to know
much about as a open source developer. Regardless, if I was allowed to dream,
I'd like to see stable updates (x.y.z) at least once every second month and
a new major feature release (x or x.y) once every six month.

>  IMHO, too more releases in a year might give users the impression that
>  the production is very young and not stable.

Nope, not at all. At least I do not see Geronimo being anywhere close to that
limit yet. No need to worry until you see "brown paper bag" releases once
every week or so. ;)

BTW, I'm very exited about the up coming 2.2 release!

Thanks for listening to a mere user.

Fredrik Jonson

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