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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Build the GBeanInfo with the attribute name caselessly?
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 17:11:42 GMT
Perhaps I can be convinced otherwise but I think the attribute and  
reference names should remain case sensitive.  Are there other DI  
systems that have case insensitive property names?  What does  
blueprint do?

I don't like case insensitive file systems either :-)

I'm not exactly sure what connector code you are thinking of, can you  
point to it more specifically?

david jencks

On Jun 23, 2009, at 6:06 AM, Rex Wang wrote:

> Build the GBeanInfo with the attribute name caselessly?
> Currently, we build the GBeanInfo attribute according to the java  
> code convention. However, we user set the attribute throught the  
> plan, he have to pay attention to the case of the attribute name,  
> such as:
>         <gbean name="SMTPTransport">
>             <attribute name="host">${SMTPHost}</attribute>
>             <attribute name="port">${SMTPPort}</attribute>
>         </gbean>
> and
>         <gbean name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/tomcat6/2.1.5- 
> SNAPSHOT/car?ServiceModule=org.apache.geronimo.configs/tomcat6/2.1.5- 
> SNAPSHOT/car,j2eeType=GBean,name=uniquename2" load="false"  
> gbeanInfo="org.apache.geronimo.tomcat.connector.Http11ConnectorGBean">
>             <attribute name="keepAliveTimeout">60000</attribute>
>             <attribute name="maxThreads">40</attribute>
>             <attribute name="acceptCount">10</attribute>
>             <attribute name="connectionTimeout">60000</attribute>
>             <attribute name="connectionLinger">-1</attribute>
>             <attribute name="address"></attribute>
> but we it comes to the ra.xml, we always use the first upper case  
> word to define the properties, such as:
>         <config-property-name>DatabaseName</config-property-name>
>         <config-property-type>java.lang.String</config-property-type>
> and that causes the program logic in the config module builder  
> should deal with that specificly...programmer might hate that..
> So, if either the user or developer will get un-happyness on this  
> configuration, why not we build the GBeanInfo with a caseless name  
> indentifid GAttributeInfo?
> -Rex
> Jun 23

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