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From David Jencks <>
Subject [VOTE] genesis 2.0 and geronimo-jaspic_1.0_spec 1.0
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 01:06:20 GMT
This is a vote on two bits:

genesis 2.0, a new build system foundation based on great work by  
Jason Dillon and the new apache 6 pom and assembly plugin bits.

geronimo-jaspic_1.0_spec 1.0 a new spec jar for the jsr 196 jaspic  
spec.  This passes the jaspic signature test and with appropriate bits  
of jetty 7 passes the shared and servlet profile of the jaspic tck.

The jar type stuff is staged at

In particular the source archives (which this vote is actually on) are  


with the signatures in the obvious place next to them.

The sites are staged at

in particular

the jar type stuff is using the new apache nexus instance which works  

[ ]  +1 About time, yes yes yes
[ ] 0 Apathy
[ ]  -1 No thanks.... because....

Please vote!

Thanks to Jason Dillon for setting up most of the new genesis 2.0  
system and to Brian Fox for getting the nexus setup working for us!

david jencks

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