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From Lin Sun <>
Subject Re: Possible for G to directly consume a Tomcat server config w/o changes?
Date Wed, 20 May 2009 03:17:40 GMT
I am not a tomcat expert either... :-)  I think we could also try the
following approach:
1. figure out how to read tomcat server.xml like you described.
Tomcat is using
2. at the G server startup, transform data in tomcat server.xml into G
config.xml, if there is change to server.xml since last time server
started.  I think coming up for the mapping could be hard as
configuring some features like valve or cluster requires
documentation, time and experience.   Also, there could be some
functions/configurations in server.xml that we don't support in G yet.
3. During G startup, G can just build the embedded tomcat server by
reading data from config.xml, like what it is doing today.

AFAIK, server.xml doesn't contain any app info.   I agree that this is
a very big change and requires a lot of testing to make sure things
are not regressed.


On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 6:09 PM, David Jencks <> wrote:
> I'm not enough of a tomcat expert to know exactly what information a
> server.xml contains so I'm not quite sure how much the following makes
> sense.
> I think I would approach this by building a namespace aware builder that can
> interpret documents following the server.xml schema  and construct the
> entire tomcat server from it.  In other words, instead of starting with our
> current tomcat6 plugin, the builder would construct a replacement for it
> from the server.xml.  If server.xml contains info on apps that are deployed
> in the tomcat instance, this could perhaps hook into or extend the current
> TomcatModuleBuilder to also set up plugins for each web app involved.
> The first part here might not be too hard.  IMO if we treat the server.xml
> as a geronimo plan that would be acceptable.  I'd recommend trying jaxb
> rather than using xmlbeans.  I don't know how practical this would turn out
> to be but it's worth starting with.
> I personally think this is too large an addition to plan to get into 2.2.
>  However if a motivated person shows up with something working before we
> solve the other problems I think we could consider it.  2.2 is already so
> much later than we had planned I don't want to hold it up for any new
> features after the other problems have been solved.
> thanks
> david jencks
>>> Lin
>>> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 3:49 PM, Bill Stoddard <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> I know G can't consume tomcat configs today, but is this a feature that
>>>> could be developed for G 2.2?
>>>> Say I have an application successfully deployed and running under
>>>> Tomcat..
>>>> wouldn't it be nice if I were able to drop the tomcat server config into
>>>> a
>>>> Geronimo-Tomcat assembly, start the server, deploy the app and be up and
>>>> running in seconds.  I'm talking about a seamless, zero effort/zero
>>>> touch
>>>> migration from Tomcat to a Geronimo-Tomcat assembly.  Is it possible?
>>>>  If
>>>> not, what simplifying assumptions could be made to 'mostly' achieve a
>>>> zero-touch migration?
>>>> What are the primary challenges with consuming a tomcat config unchanged
>>>> with a G-Tomcat assembly?  Same Q's apply for Jetty... what's 'doable'
>>>> with-in reason?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Bill

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