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From Ivan <>
Subject A confusion about those names in the EAR deployment
Date Mon, 25 May 2009 09:17:44 GMT
   I have some confusion about those artifact ids while deploying an EAR
   While deploying an EAR package, the deployer will create a
ConfigurationData gbean for the EAR and all the WARs under the EAR. The
problem is those Configuations represent those WAR pacakges in the EAR.
   Those gbeans do not have the same artifact with the Configuration
contains them. They have the same artifact id with the EAR Configuration.
   Let's take the console-tomcat for an example.
   The artifactId for the *console-tomcat* (EAR) is *
   The artifactId for the *portal-driver.war* (a WAR  in the EAR) is *
   But the gbeans contained by the *portal-driver.war*'s abstract name is *

   So is it the correct behavior, I guess that some JIRAs are caused by
   Thanks for any comment !

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