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From Ivan <>
Subject Set those service implemetations in the sytsem properties.
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 14:05:02 GMT
    Currently, I am working on the JIRA
    The issus is caused by the implementation search, the solution I could
see is that to keep a reference to the factory instance, so that we do not
need to execute the searching work each time
But the question is that we could not change some codes in the third-party
libraries, so the costly search still exists.
    I have an idea is that, since most service API has the same order to
search the service implemtation, usually, the first order is to check the
system properties. So, I wish to set those properties. the logic may be
   a. Check whether the coressponding system properties are set.
   b. If not, we manually create an instance, like
TransformerFactory.newInstance(), then set the system property for them,
   From my view, the SystemProperties may be the place to do it. The related
properties include TransformerFactory, DocumentBuilderFactory etc
   Thanks for any comment !


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