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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Possible for G to directly consume a Tomcat server config w/o changes?
Date Tue, 19 May 2009 22:09:06 GMT

On May 19, 2009, at 12:42 PM, Bill Stoddard wrote:

> Lin Sun wrote:
>> One quick way would be allow users to start a tomcat server from a
>> geronimo tomcat javaee5 assembly  or little G tomcat assembly(say
>> start tomcatOnly=true).   It is possible to just launch
>> the tomcat server, and read the configuration files (conf/server.xml,
>> etc) and start a tomcat server from a geronimo tomcat assembly, by
>> using the provided by tomcat.   But this server/app
>> would have no relationship with geronimo, other than using the jars
>> provided by the geronimo tomcat assembly.   The deployed app would be
>> tracked only by tomcat, and not by geronimo.   We should be able to
>> achieve this without adding any new jars.
>> If we need more than that, I can for seen the following issues that
>> need investigation -
>> 1. We'll have to provide better server integration with tomcat and be
>> able to read the server configuration from tomcat's server
>> configuration files, along with using config.xml configurations.
> This would be an absolute minimal requirement.  Would this be really  
> difficult?
>> 2. We'll have to migrate user's app automatically for the user, when
>> the user's app is a bit complicated that contains any need to require
>> a geronimo-web.xml
> This is where things get more interesting.... lots of permutations  
> and edge cases to consider.

I'm not enough of a tomcat expert to know exactly what information a  
server.xml contains so I'm not quite sure how much the following makes  

I think I would approach this by building a namespace aware builder  
that can interpret documents following the server.xml schema  and  
construct the entire tomcat server from it.  In other words, instead  
of starting with our current tomcat6 plugin, the builder would  
construct a replacement for it from the server.xml.  If server.xml  
contains info on apps that are deployed in the tomcat instance, this  
could perhaps hook into or extend the current TomcatModuleBuilder to  
also set up plugins for each web app involved.

The first part here might not be too hard.  IMO if we treat the  
server.xml as a geronimo plan that would be acceptable.  I'd recommend  
trying jaxb rather than using xmlbeans.  I don't know how practical  
this would turn out to be but it's worth starting with.

I personally think this is too large an addition to plan to get into  
2.2.  However if a motivated person shows up with something working  
before we solve the other problems I think we could consider it.  2.2  
is already so much later than we had planned I don't want to hold it  
up for any new features after the other problems have been solved.

david jencks

>> Lin
>> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 3:49 PM, Bill Stoddard  
>> <> wrote:
>>> I know G can't consume tomcat configs today, but is this a feature  
>>> that
>>> could be developed for G 2.2?
>>> Say I have an application successfully deployed and running under  
>>> Tomcat..
>>> wouldn't it be nice if I were able to drop the tomcat server  
>>> config into a
>>> Geronimo-Tomcat assembly, start the server, deploy the app and be  
>>> up and
>>> running in seconds.  I'm talking about a seamless, zero effort/ 
>>> zero touch
>>> migration from Tomcat to a Geronimo-Tomcat assembly.  Is it  
>>> possible?  If
>>> not, what simplifying assumptions could be made to 'mostly'  
>>> achieve a
>>> zero-touch migration?
>>> What are the primary challenges with consuming a tomcat config  
>>> unchanged
>>> with a G-Tomcat assembly?  Same Q's apply for Jetty... what's  
>>> 'doable'
>>> with-in reason?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Bill

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