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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: PMC Invitation to Participate in ApacheCon 2009/US
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2009 19:18:26 GMT
Any comments? I think we could easily fill a 1/2 day with relevant  
talks. Cool thing is we can plan ourselves. You don't have to write a  
talk proposal 8 months prior to the conference (which I think is  
ridiculous). Geronimo 2.2, OSGi Blueprint, current state of Geronimo  
3.0, Plugins -- all would seem like potential talk candidates.

I'm going to plan on signing us up, later today. Will happily work on  
the planning... How do others feel?


On Apr 21, 2009, at 6:16 PM, Kevan Miller wrote:

> This never made it over to our dev list. What are the communities  
> thoughts? Seems like a great opportunity to me. There's been a  
> followup email, which I'll forward in a sec. Looks like the response  
> date is now Thursday the 23rd.
> --kevan
> On Apr 14, 2009, at 9:28 PM, ApacheCon 2009 US Planners Team wrote:
>> Project Management Committees,
>> For this 10th Year of the Apache Software Foundation, the Conference
>> Planning Committee and Stone Circle Productions are infusing  
>> ApacheCon
>> US 2009 with the same Community Spirit that guides our Open Source
>> Communities themselves. With the goal of creating the most successful
>> ApacheCon to-date, we are seeking the support of each ASF Community  
>> to
>> help drive their content for the 3-day conference. As the PMC, we
>> invite you to come forward with content based on the needs of your
>> user community.
>> First: Decide as a project, how much time you would like to fill with
>> commercially viable content. Do you need a half-day or a full-day to
>> achieve a professional, quality program? Don't restrict yourselves to
>> presentations by the PMC members or past speakers. You are likely
>> familiar with other committers, the members of your user community,
>> published authors and others who would offer effective sessions.
>> Consider involving the community in this process through either the
>> dev or users list, as appropriate for your project. Identifying the
>> exact contents and schedule of your program will come in a 2nd phase.
>> Note: If you believe your track is better presented in tandem with
>> other project(s), and you would like to work together as a small  
>> group
>> of related projects to create a unified track, please discuss this
>> with the other project(s) and offer one proposal you all agree upon  
>> to
>> the Planners.
>> Second: Identify your consumers. Please explain to the Planners, in
>> your submission, who your attendees would be. Are they web content
>> authors or developers, or backend infrastructure adopters,  
>> integrators
>> or administrators? Are they technical or novice individuals,
>> management or general users?
>> Third: Communicate your interest to no
>> later than April 21st!
>> The Planners will get back to you by April 28th to share the general
>> program schedule, and where your project best fits. You will be
>> provided a mentor who will forward to you the CFP's which made the
>> first cut of talk selections. Your community will then have two weeks
>> to create a schedule on a Wiki page. Again, be creative, and keep in
>> mind there are several opportunities for content beyond the  
>> programmed
>> track: MeetUps, BOFs, symposiums, un-conference style activities,  
>> etc.
>> In four weeks, the Planners will complete a review of the  
>> programming,
>> offer final feedback, cut programming that doesn't fit into the  
>> formal
>> tracks of the program, and finally attempt to fit all of the  
>> programming
>> into space available. Your mentor is there to help you avoid this cut
>> and guide you in creating a professional and marketable track!
>> Should a PMC choose not to participate in this process, but there  
>> are still
>> compelling presentations about that particular project, the  
>> Planners may
>> choose to run that track. Speaker acceptance/rejections will be  
>> sent out
>> in five weeks, once all decisions are made. All projects,  
>> participating
>> in this program or not, will have opportunities to get more  
>> involved with
>> the conference.  These will be announced over the coming months.
>> We look forward to your PMC's response!
>> Yours,
>> The ApacheCon 2009 US Planning Team

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