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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: PMC Invitation to Participate in ApacheCon 2009/US
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 22:17:44 GMT

On Apr 20, 2009, at 4:10 PM, ApacheCon 2009 US Planners Team wrote:

> To all ASF PMCs;
> just your friendly reminder to please respond to the Planners by this
> coming Thursday (the 23rd) if your project would like to be  
> highlighted,
> and to help organize its own content for this coming ApacheCon US in
> Oakland, November 2nd-6th!
> We want to help you organize the possible content for your program,
> and we must begin organizing the remaining program schedule in this
> coming week, so a prompt response is really necessary.  We extended
> the deadline by two days to ensure all PMCs have a fair chance to
> consider this invitation.
> Remember that all the planning team needs this Thursday, is an  
> expression
> of interest, and estimated number of 1/2 or full days in order to  
> 'slot'
> the various topics into tracks.  Your mentor will follow up to  
> coordinate
> the actual scheduling process, so that the final schedule can be  
> assembled
> and we can open registration and marketing!
> Finally, we've had a few questions come across;
> Q. "I assume this also applies to the PPMCs of incubating projects -
>   if yes, note that the pmc@ alias does not reach them, AFAIK."
> A. We encourage the Incubator PMC to shepard any podlings that are
>   interested in participating, perhaps by organizing a fastfeather
>   style track or meetups of their more mature podlings.  The same
>   would be true for interest from subprojects, not every single
>   technology under a PMC needs to be highlighted.  It's a PMC call.
> Q. Just to be 100% clear, does this mean that the PMC has the  
> flexibility
>   to propose content that was not originally submitted as part of  
> the CFP
>   and/or propose modified versions of content that was submitted as  
> part
>   of the CFP?
> A. Yes, both.  This format of PMC-driven content allows the PMC to  
> better
>   focus any proposed accepted or rejected sessions and any forgotten  
> topics
>   to suit their community of users!  You'll be able to work with the
>   original proposers to ensure this content is most relevant today.
> Please continue to raise any questions to the Planners, we are happy  
> to
> answer them all!
> your ApacheCon US 2009 Planners Team

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