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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Error trying to deploy eclipse weapp into geronimo - (No such file or directory)
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 11:42:18 GMT

On Apr 20, 2009, at 2:43 PM, Luciano Resende wrote:

> I have just went trough the necessary steps to make Geronimo 2.1 as
> one of the available options to perform a "Eclipse run on server"
> with a given webapp, but when I try to run using Geronimo 2.1 server,
> I get a FileNotFound
> Any ideas ? Shouldn't it be looking for a WAR instead of ZAP ? BTW, I
> do have the war file available

I'm not the best GEP, resource, but can try and help...

What version of the server, eclipse plugin, Eclipse are you using? How  
did you add the project?


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