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I'm not sure I understand what you want.... do you want the messages to be processed in order?  To do that you need to make sure there is only one mdb instance created, and you can't use clustering.  I think the appropriate activation spec config property is something like maxSessions.

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david jencks

On Mar 16, 2009, at 8:03 AM, Tamer Nassar wrote:


I want my MDB to get and process 1 message at the time. So users will put any number of messages into the queue. 

My MDB should pick one message at the time and call another service and when it's done, MDB starts grabbing the next message from the queue and run the service again and wait till it's done and then get the 3rd message from the queue ...etc

So MDB ... gets 1st message from the queue --> process the 1st message --> gets 2nd message from the queue --> process the 2nd message --> gets 3rd message from the queue --> process the 3rd message .....etc

I configured  "The parameters in JMS Resource Group -- Configure Server Connection" in the WASCE console admin to:
QueuePrefetch : 1
InputStreamPrefetch : 1

But it didn't do the trick for me. So I was wondering if there is another configuration need to be done? or another way of doing it? Thanks in advance.