On Mar 16, 2009, at 12:18 AM, Shawn Jiang wrote:

Maven archetype is a powerful tools to make life easier when developers want to create a project from scratch.  Currently, Geronimo is using archetype to create new testsuite/assembly/plugin/ quickly.

1: local -> geronimo-archetype-testsuite (testsuite)
2: local -> geronimo-assembly-archetype (geronimo-assembly-archetype)
3: local -> geronimo-plugin-archetype (geronimo-plugin-archetype)
4: local -> xmlbeans-maven-plugin (xmlbeans-maven-plugin)

Which can only help geronimo developers/contributors when they want to create their new testsuite/assembly/plugin.  There's no archetype for geronimo users who want to create their geronimo Apps/Assets easily from scratch.   I'm wondering if geronimo could provide a set of new archetypes for Apps/assets running in geronimo. Some initial candidates are:

1, war-geronimo-archetype
A simple war which contains the geronimo deployment plan.  

2, ear-geronimo-archtype
A maven project that contains 4 modules:
 1, a war module
 2, a ear module
 3, a ejb module
 4, a client module.

3, datasource-geronimo-archtypes
There should be many sub archtypes to create different datasources plan.

4, security-geronimo-archtypes
There should be many sub archtypes to create different(properties/db/ldap) realms.

5, GBean-geronimo-archtype
A simple GBean development archtype with two mode: normal/annotation

Any comments ?

I don't quite understand yet what these archetypes would provide.  The most plausible thing would be to add a "fill in the blanks" plan template.  I'm not sure an archetype is the best way to do this, but I'm certainly open to seeing how it works.

Our existing plugin and assembly archetypes are rather obsolete and don't use the current archetype infrastructure.  I wonder if a more practical project would be to update especially the plugin archetype to figure out what kind of thing you are building a plugin for and include the appropriate plan template and add the appropriate dependencies and car-maven-plugin configuration.

I guess if we could figure out how to this more or less the same logic could be used to modify an existing javaee maven project to insert the appropriate geronimo plan template in the appropriate directory.  I don't think that dupicating the war, ear, etc archetypes is likely to be worth the effort.

Anyway I'd certainly like to know more about what you have in mind and am very glad someone else is thinking about maven archetype support!

david jencks