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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Whence the geronimo kernel?
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 05:55:15 GMT
On Mar 12, 2009, at 1:26 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>> I believe that xbean-spring is still unnecessary noisy when  
>> compared to something like the Spring Bean Builder (

>> ).
> That looks nice, but is there any syntax validation possible?  I'm  
> pretty much unwilling to use groovy for anything at this point due  
> to my bad experiences with lack of pre-runtime syntax validation and  
> unclear error messages writing some simple gshell commands.  xml is  
> really horrible but most editors do support validation against a  
> schema.
> On the other hand, I think we could come up with something even  
> shorter, clearer, and to the point, with syntax validation, using  
> scala.

Why Scala?


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