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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Heads-up - Clustered OpenJPA DataCache implementation with wadi-cache
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2009 01:19:09 GMT

I have been working on an implementation of the DataCache API based  
on wadi-cache, a distributed, replicated and transaction cache.

The implementation can be found there: 

and a smoke test there: 

A couple of things still need to be implemented:
1. DataCache.lock/unlock contracts: even if it is quite easy to  
implement them, I believe this may result in a noticeable reduction  
of throughput for cache misses. I wonder if it would not be  
preferable to have a more optimistic implementation strategy with  

2. removeAllInternal(Class cls, boolean subclasses): I intend to  
provide an implementation as soon as distributed service operations  
against data cache entries is supported by wadi-cache.

3. The timeout of cache entries is not honored: whatever the timeout  
attribute value of @DataCache, entities have their timeout defaulted  
by WADI. I intend to work on a fix.

So far, the implementation has been tested within Geronimo behind a  
transactional EJB. If you would like to give me a hand to complete  
implementation or tests, then please feel free to ping me.


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