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From David Jencks <>
Subject Platform mbean server and ActiveMQ Console on geronimo (g. 2.2)
Date Sun, 01 Mar 2009 22:11:00 GMT
I finally spent a bit of time and got the activemq web console running  
in geronimo against the embedded broker.  This was fairly easy, I  
slimmed down the amq war by using g. dependencies instead of WEB-INF/ 
lib, and use the inVM option.


In order to get this to work (although for reasons that are not  
entirely clear to me) I had to change geronimo to use the platform  
mbean server instead of creating one for itself.  See

I haven't found any problems with this yet.

One potential concern is that jconsole can attach to a local vm  
without any apparent security.  However IIUC this is only on the local  
machine and with some shared filesystem permission (???).  So I'm  
inclined to think this in not generally a security problem but would  
certainly like other opinions.

Future work:

1. Right now there's no security at all.  We need to include our own  
web.xml with security constraints and change the plans to use the  
geronimo-admin security realm.

2. It would be great to make this a portlet app and run it in the  
admin console.  I think the portlet app should be at activemq.

How to try it out:

cd plugins/activemq
mvn clean install -Pit
./activemq-server/target/activemq-server-2.2-SNAPSHOT/bin/gsh geronimo/ 

In your browser go to http://localhost:8080/activemq-console/
Try sending a message and looking at it using the atom feed :-)

david jencks

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