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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo 2.0.3 release
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 14:09:18 GMT

On Feb 16, 2009, at 5:50 PM, Jay D. McHugh wrote:

> Hello all,
> I did some work on trying to get a 2.0.3 release that would:
> a) build - sucess!
> b) pass the TCK - Massive failure (over 5000 tests)
> So, considering that we have a 2.1.x and 2.2.x codestream in progress
> with JEE6 breathing down our necks - I have been officially pushed  
> into
> the 'we should probably just document what it takes to upgrade' group.
> Are there any folks who truly need to stay on 2.0?
> Or would it be reasonable to make a pronouncement that the 2.0.x
> codestream is no longer going to be maintained - even for bug fixes  
> and
> security issues?
> Thoughts/comments?
> (I'll start documenting the libraries/jars that have changed or been
> removed - we will need that regardless)

There should be discussion of this on our user list. Could you start a  
discussion there?

I'm ok with this. Confess that I'm a bit curious about why we'd have  
tck failures. I don't have a big issue with it, but in general we  
don't discuss tck specifics (including numbers of tests, etc) on a  
public list.


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