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From David Jencks <>
Subject Proposed build change to not run IT by default
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 22:41:41 GMT
While I much prefer running the testsuite integration tests by default  
I think it is no longer a reasonable strategy.

Due to the bootstrap requirements the default modules have to be in a  
"default" profile in the root pom.  So, the no-it profile has all the  
default modules except testsuite in it.  So far so good.

However, there are now a few special purpose test servers scattered  
around the project, in at least activemq and mconsole.  These build a  
minimal server with the associated plugin bits and make sure it starts  
and maybe does something simple.  These are really really handy when  
you're working on that plugin set.  However, we might not want to  
force everyone to run them all the time, so they ought to be in a  
profile.  With the current setup we need to have a default profile  
with everything and a no-it profile without the custom servers.

IMO this is too hard to maintain and we should have the real modules  
outside any profile and the integration tests in a with-it profile.

This will presumably require changes to whatever scripts are running  
our automated builds to include the with-it profile.

I've opened  GERONIMO-4536 for this.

I'm going to go ahead with this, we can roll it back if there are  
objections or problems.

david jencks

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