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From "Jack Cai" <>
Subject [Discussion] Add a "geronimo status" command
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 13:35:14 GMT
I've seen users asking how to query server status [1], and recently I was
also asked for the same question by a colleague. So I think maybe it's good
that Geronimo provide a cross-platform means for querying server status.
After looking into the code that does server shutdown, I realize it's pretty
easy to achieve that. All I need to do is to -

1. Refactor the org.apache.geronimo.deployment.cli.StopServer class to
something more general, e.g., ServerControl. We can make it to do status
query or shutdown based on an extra parameter that's passed in, or make it a
super class and create another 2 subclasses to do status query and shutdown

2. Add a new command to the geronimo.(sh/bat) script, e.g., "status". And
based on how Step 1 is done, we can either reuse the shutdown.jar (probably
rename it to control.jar); or create a new status.jar just to do status
query, and leave the shutdown.jar to do the shutdown.

3. The code that does the real status query work will be as simply as

I prefer to reuse the shutdown.jar. If you see no problem with my current
thinking, I'll go ahead to create a JIRA with a patch.



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