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From RunHua Chi <>
Subject Re: Update on documentation progress of Geronimo v2.2
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 09:35:28 GMT

Thanks David for your comments.

I guess we have some different understandings regarding "Users" of
Geronimo.My understanding is that Geronimo is an application server and its
primary user would be application developers. While they might need to know
what a plugin or a gbean is in Geronimo but don't have to build the source
code. That's where my proposal comes from. And mostly they would read
GMOxDOC to learn how to utilize Geronimo for their application development.

And we have another group of "Users"(actually I'd rather call them
"developers" ^_^), they are more interested in Geronimo structure, kernel
and keen on breakthroughs. In my understanding, they would go to GMOXDEV for
more information. 

Any other ideas, please speak up. :) 


djencks wrote:
> On Dec 3, 2008, at 5:55 PM, RunHua Chi wrote:
>> Do we need to move following topics to GMOXDEV as they are also  
>> about how to
>> build
>> 1. build a plugin as part of a maven build using the car-maven-plugin.
>> 2. install a plugin using the car-maven-plugin
>> 3. Assembling a server using Maven
> These all need to stay in the regular documentation.  We expect many  
> users to do all these activities every day, even if they don't build  
> geronimo.
> thanks
> david jencks
>> If the answer is yes. Maybe we could have a page to collect all  
>> informations
>> on how to build with maven at GMOXDEV?So far, I have some topics  
>> coming up
>> my mind:
>> a. build Geronimo source code;
>> b. build/install a plugin using car-maven-plugin;
>> c. build a new server from the existing one;
>> d. build GEP
>> ......and more
>> Any comments?
>> Jeff
>> Donald Woods-2 wrote:
>>> Agree.  Using the eclipse/build.xml file from svn should go in the
>>> GMOxDEV space, as that is really only for developers.  Maybe we could
>>> include a Note and pointer over to the Dev docs for anyone who is
>>> interested in using it.
>>> -Donald

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