Thanks David! I'll try the plugin approach then.

- Jack

2008/11/6 David Jencks <>

On Nov 6, 2008, at 3:45 AM, Jack Cai wrote:

Thanks a lot Donald!

So if we make this as a plugin (well, it's really a windows exe), we will not be able to install it to the bin directory, right? If this is the case, then it might not be conveniet for the users to control the service using command line.

You can build a plugin that unpacks something to the bin directory on installation.  The geronimo-boilerplate plugin (under assemblies) does nothing else.  Most or all of the *-deployer plugins unpack a schema into the schema directory.  You end up with 2 copies of the stuff in the server (one in the car, one in the unpacked location) but I haven't worried about this.

Another option is to create different assembly configuration for different OS. This is very easy to achieve by adding more pom.xml to the assemblies directory. This can also help to eliminate *.sh for Windows assemblies and *.bat for Unix/Linux assemblies. But I guess creating OS-specific build is something that Geronimo has been avoiding to do?

I would prefer to avoid this complication.

david jencks

- Jack Cai

2008/11/4 Donald Woods <>
Sounds like a good feature to consider for 2.2.

Maybe we could offer it as an optional plugin, since the current zip/tar  files are per assembly, which means you would be including it for Unix/Linux/Mac users too.  It would also allow us to offer a JSW 3.2.0 (BSD licensed) version of the plugin, for users who wanted it instead of the procrun implementation.


Jack Cai wrote:
Hi all,

I learnt that some of our users are interested in running Geronimo as a Windows service. Although there is already an option provided by the Java Service Wrapper, they are more interested in seeing something similar to what is provided by Tomcat. I searched the mail achive and found this old discussion [1], which didn't reach a decision. Provided that we can easily take the technology from Tomcat [2], I'm keen to implement this for Geronimo. The advantage of using Apache Commons procrun is that -

1. Out-of-box experience, no need to download and install a third party component;
2. Tray icon that further improves usability.

Eventually we would think to provide this "run as a service" capability for Linux/Unix platforms, but Windows would be a good start. What do others think? I'd volunteer to do this job if you think it's worth doing.

-Jack Cai

[1] <>