Hi all,

I learnt that some of our users are interested in running Geronimo as a Windows service. Although there is already an option provided by the Java Service Wrapper, they are more interested in seeing something similar to what is provided by Tomcat. I searched the mail achive and found this old discussion [1], which didn't reach a decision. Provided that we can easily take the technology from Tomcat [2], I'm keen to implement this for Geronimo. The advantage of using Apache Commons procrun is that -

1. Out-of-box experience, no need to download and install a third party component;
2. Tray icon that further improves usability.

Eventually we would think to provide this "run as a service" capability for Linux/Unix platforms, but Windows would be a good start. What do others think? I'd volunteer to do this job if you think it's worth doing.

-Jack Cai

[1] http://www.nabble.com/forum/ViewPost.jtp?post=591936&framed=y&skin=134
[2] http://commons.apache.org/daemon/procrun.html