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From "chi runhua" <>
Subject Update on documentation progress of Geronimo v2.2
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 06:13:08 GMT
Hi all,

We just created a page with one table of content to track progress of
Geronimo 2.2 documentation. In this table, we highlighted some topics to be
updated based on G 2.2 release roadmap. We believe that not every topic was
included so far. Therefore, don't hesitate updating the table if you have
new discoveries or topics. We also encourage everyone in this community to
adopt topics and contribute more to the success of Geronimo.

Here is the linkage for your reference.

What we are planning to do next are:

1. Moving pages to their appropriate parent so that the structure will be
more like a "tree";  ---> Ongoing
2. Keep the consistency between different topics including subject, wording
and phrases;
3. Keep migrating topics from previous documentation and update them if
4. Refine the granuality by dividing unique topics into pages, in this way,
contibutors can include existing pages while writing a new topics instead of
introducing basic concepts again and again. (might be difficult, but I hope
it's the right direction);

We are expecting to receive as much as feedback and opinions about
documentation so that we can make it better and better.

Thanks alot.

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