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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: grails plugin
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 02:28:25 GMT
On Nov 15, 2008, at 11:26 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:
> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> Just curios why one would even bother with this?  Seems that this  
>> would only be useful when someone deploys more than one grails- 
>> based app into the sever... do folks even do that?  And what if the  
>> 2 apps evolve differently and then need different versions of  
>> grails/groovy?
> Yes, It's only useful if deploying more than one grails web app.  My  
> thinking was that if a user has decided to work in a grails model  
> the chances are probably good they'll be working multiple projects  
> using the same model. My guess is that a user won't be maintaining  
> multiple applications on multiple versions of grails (and deploying  
> them to the same server) ... but I guess that is a possibility.  We  
> would need to release a new version of the plugin for a new release  
> of grails.

Well, I guess it can't hurt to provide this for folks... just not sure  
the effort is worth it at the moment, but I could be wrong.

>> And then the need of tools to take a grails war and turn it into a  
>> geronimo grails war... seems like too much work for little gain...  
>> and in some respect some loss.
> Yes, there is some work to generate the geronimo grails war.  I  
> discovered an easy way to remove all of the external dependencies  
> using a simple configuration change in the grails workspace.   
> However, the grails jars themselves are always included in the war.   
> So far the only way that I've been able to remove those too is by  
> altering the war.groovy script.  So some more work is needed here.   
> Also, there is not yet a grails release that is distributing maven  
> artifacts (but hopefully 1.1 will as they have snapshots deployed  
> for this release).

I suppose you could use TrueZIP to just delete them from the war, or  
with some Ant muck to unwar, delete, rewar.

>> How big are the dependencies anyways?
> About 18MB.

Yikes. :-\


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