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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService changes between Java 5 and 6
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 04:29:59 GMT
The java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService interface was slightly
changed between Java 5 and Java 6: Here's an example:

Java 5: invokeAll(Collection<Callable<T>> tasks)

Java 6: invokeAll(Collection<? extends Callable<T>> tasks)

Here's more info on the change:

This change causes problems in the concurrent module. The code in the
concurrent module extends and implements the Java 5 ExecutorService
interface. However, since the interface was changed in Java 6, the
concurrent module will not build on Java 6. The compiler complains
that these changed methods are not implemented. And you can't define
both style of these methods in the same class because they have the
same erasure. Given our recent discussion on supporting Java 5 and 6,
I think I will need to make the concurrent module Java 5 or Java 6
specific. That is, for example, the module would be built on Java 6
but not built on Java 5.

I was wondering if somebody had a better idea how to deal with this
and/or how to support both Java versions.


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