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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Reorg of Admin Console for 2.2
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 17:27:06 GMT
OK, I'll work on creating a post to either this thread or GERONIMO-4423 
that includes the proposed moves/renames.


David Jencks wrote:
> Donald...
> I'm not really convinced yet by this.  I've been  wondering what would 
> help me understand better what you think is wrong and what you want to 
> change.  I wonder if you would be willing to list the current navigation 
> tree and next to each portlet say where you want to put it (or split it 
> up, etc).  Another thing that might help me would be definitions of the 
> categories you propose and some criteria for portlet inclusion.  For 
> instance right now having all the plugin/module management under one 
> category makes sense to me since they are all involved with 
> understanding how the basic geronimo building blocks (plugins) fit 
> together and are dependent on one another and what will happen if you 
> start or stop one.  I'd need a really lot of convincing that any 
> reorganization that moved non-ee plugins away from ee plugins was a good 
> idea.
> On the other hand I can certainly see putting all the plan creation 
> wizards together in one category.
> On Nov 23, 2008, at 9:49 PM, Jack Cai wrote:
>> Donald, thanks for bringing this topic up!
>> I agree with most of your proposal. I do have several comments though -
>> * I kind of like keeping the current separation of Server and Service. 
>> It's hard to find a right label for the merged category - "Service" 
>> does not sounds right to me. Hard to find a label is an indication 
>> that these two categories might not be appropriate to merge.
>> * The Logging portlets are the same kind as the Server information, 
>> Java System Info and the Monitoring portlet. They should go hand in hand.
> Monitoring and the proposed cluster/farm management are the only 
> functionality that directly refer to (lots of) other servers. 
>  Everything else refers only to the server you're looking at directly. 
>  Mixing them up seems like a bad idea to me.
>> * Should Derby and HTTP server also parts of the Server catetory? 
>> Although they are not JEE components.
>> -Jack
>> 2008/11/22 Donald Woods < <>>
>>     Given our Console navigation tree has gotten so large and many
>>     "new" portlets were added in 2.0/2.1 without doing a proper reorg
>>     of what we had, I'm proposing the following changes as part of
>>     GERONIMO-4423, 4424, 4425 and yet to be created JIRAs:
>>     1) Reorg the Server Console contents into main categories of:
>>       - Services (config/resources)
>>         - combination of existing Server and Services portlets
>>         - contains portlets for server/service configuration
>>            info, threads, connectors, modules, jms server/resourecs, ...
>>         - future portlet to setup clustering/farming member servers
>>            and view their status would go here
>>       - Applications (app deployment and life-cycle)
>>         - portlets to deploy/redeploy/undeploy apps/wars/ears/jars
>>         - portlets to install/uninstall and stop/start modules
>>         - porlet to install plugins (not export or server assembly)
>>         - future updates and/or new portlet to support deploy/undeploy
>>            apps to clusters/farming would go here
>>       - Security
>>         - portlets focused on users/groups, keys/ca, realms
>>       - Logging
>>         - portlets to configure logging and log levels
>>         - separate pages for Server, Web Access and Derby log viewers
>>       - Tools
>>         - everything in current "Debug Views" category
>>         - Plan Creator portlet
>>         - Monitoring portlet
>>         - Embedded DB portlets (renamed to Derby * to reflect true usage)
>>         - Apache HTTP portlet (for creating mod_jk configs)
>>         - Exporting plugins
>>         - Custom server assemblies
>>     I could see the Logging portlets as one page under Tools, as those
>>     are really runtime tools (changes don't survive a restart) for
>>     debugging server/application problems.
>>     I could also see the Security portlets being split between the
>>     Services and Tools categories (but really think these deserve
>>     their own category.)
>>     The point, is that we need to review how the admin console is laid
>>     out and try to regroup into Java EE roles/tasks/concepts, like
>>     server config/resources, app deployment/mgmt and other tools/tasks.
>>     -Donald
> thanks
> david jencks

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