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From Donald Woods <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Reorg of Admin Console for 2.2
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 19:36:49 GMT
Given our Console navigation tree has gotten so large and many "new" 
portlets were added in 2.0/2.1 without doing a proper reorg of what we 
had, I'm proposing the following changes as part of GERONIMO-4423, 4424, 
4425 and yet to be created JIRAs:

1) Reorg the Server Console contents into main categories of:
    - Services (config/resources)
      - combination of existing Server and Services portlets
      - contains portlets for server/service configuration
         info, threads, connectors, modules, jms server/resourecs, ...
      - future portlet to setup clustering/farming member servers
         and view their status would go here
    - Applications (app deployment and life-cycle)
      - portlets to deploy/redeploy/undeploy apps/wars/ears/jars
      - portlets to install/uninstall and stop/start modules
      - porlet to install plugins (not export or server assembly)
      - future updates and/or new portlet to support deploy/undeploy
         apps to clusters/farming would go here
    - Security
      - portlets focused on users/groups, keys/ca, realms
    - Logging
      - portlets to configure logging and log levels
      - separate pages for Server, Web Access and Derby log viewers
    - Tools
      - everything in current "Debug Views" category
      - Plan Creator portlet
      - Monitoring portlet
      - Embedded DB portlets (renamed to Derby * to reflect true usage)
      - Apache HTTP portlet (for creating mod_jk configs)
      - Exporting plugins
      - Custom server assemblies

I could see the Logging portlets as one page under Tools, as those are 
really runtime tools (changes don't survive a restart) for debugging 
server/application problems.

I could also see the Security portlets being split between the Services 
and Tools categories (but really think these deserve their own category.)

The point, is that we need to review how the admin console is laid out 
and try to regroup into Java EE roles/tasks/concepts, like server 
config/resources, app deployment/mgmt and other tools/tasks.


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