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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Apply for being a Geronimo documentation contributor
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:34:13 GMT
Who have you been asking (aside from the  This is 
the first post that I see from you on the Geronimo dev list requesting 
this access.

To modify Geronimo documentation you need to request 
geronimo-contributor authorization (via this list) after you have 
submitted your ICLA.

I see that your ICLA is on file so I went ahead and granted you 
geronimo-contributor access.  You should now be able to edit our 
documentation wiki.


chi runhua wrote:
> Hi, I've been applying for Geronimo document contributor for the last 
> several weeks and also sent couples of emails to 
> <> to ask if there would be any other 
> requirements besides signing ICLA. And got no response yet. :-(
> Structure of Geronimo v2.2 documentation is quite different from the 
> previous ones, I noticed there are lots of inconsistency and overlaps 
> within v2.2 documentation. I think I can do some help with this. But I 
> can do nothing without "edit" priviledge.
> Anyone here could give me any hints?
> Here is my profile:
> User Name: <>
> Full Name: Runhua Chi
> Thanks in advance.
> RunHua Chi(Jeff)

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