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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Geronimo v2.2 discussion
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 04:51:53 GMT
Thanks for chiming in.  If you can start removing some of the snapshots, 
that would be great.

I hadn't volunteered to be the RM yet, as I'll only have about 2 days a 
week to focus on a 2.2 release and I don't have TCK access (which is 
going to be a major factor for when we can get 2.2 out), but if you're 
willing to help, I'd be glad to jump in and be co-release manager with you!

I'd like to see us drive towards cutting a 2.2 release branch by 
mid-December and having the 2.2 Server, GEP and updated Docs released by 


Joe Bohn wrote:
> Looks like discussion on this thread has died down a bit but the clock 
> is still ticking ... New Years will be here all too soon and IIUC we're 
> trying to beat that clock!!
> Some things in addition to what you've listed (I'll update the wiki with 
> these too):
> - There are a number of snapshots still in use:
>   - OpenEJB
>   - Axis2
>   - Axiom
>   - xBean
>   - wadi
>   - j2ee-connector spec
>   - jaspi spec
>   - servlet spec
>   - concurrent spec
>   - geronimo jaspi component
>   - XmlSchema
>   - woden*
>   - jspc-compiler
>   - and various maven plugins.
>   Some of these may be just as simple as using a released version but 
> others may require that we get releases from these projects (or push 
> releases of those that we control).  The latter will slow us down.  I'll 
> start working on removing these.
> - Genesis.  I see you've already upgraded to the newly released 1.5 ... 
> but there's been some talk about Genesis 2.0.  I'm fine with 1.5 but if 
> folks think we need 2.0 then we need to get moving on that.
> - I guess we'll have to either release a number of the plugins again or 
> figure out some compatibility solution as we did for 2.1.3+.  Ideally, 
> we should think about compatibility ahead of time even if we find we 
> need to release some (or all) of the plugins again.  I'm specifically 
> thinking of samples, server-repo, daytrader, etc...  I don't think these 
> need to be concurrent with 2.2 but we need to make sure we have a plan 
> that doesn't require server changes before we release the 2.2 server.
> - I'm a bit worried about the TCK implications (which you've already 
> mentioned).  There will be a number of issues supporting Java SE6 as 
> well as some issues that I know have been out there for a while.  I 
> think it will make our life easier to focus exclusively on SE6.
> I've been assuming all along that you are planning to be the release 
> manager for 2.2 Donald.  Is that correct?  I can help as well if you 
> want to share the burden (and if nobody objects).
> Joe
> Donald Woods wrote:
>> OK, looks like we're making good progress towards a 2.2 release.

>> Is everyone still thinking we can get 2.2 out this year (say branching 
>> on 11/21 with a mid-December release target)?
>> Seems that the major items left are:
>>  - Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.1/5.2
>>  - EJB Portlet
>>  - Use GShell for all commands (and upgrade to latest version)
>>  - Include new TranQL connectors for Oracle RAC, MS SQL and Informix
>>  - Remove the old Dojo 0.4.3 usage
>>  - Portlets for Farm/Clustering support?
>>  - TCK on Java SE 5 and 6 (or do we only certify on Java SE 6?)
>> -Donald
>> Hernan Cunico wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> We kinda started to have some discussion some time ago but couldn't 
>>> find any hit on nabble so not sure were we left it.
>>> I added a Geronimo v2.2 Roadmap 
>>> <../GMOxDEV/geronimo-v22-roadmap.html> page at the top of the 
>>> Development section in the wiki front page, 
>>> so we can resume the discussion and 
>>> collect all our thoughts in one place. (edit access is limited to 
>>> committers/contributors though)
>>> Does anybody already have a list?
>>> Cheers!
>>> Hernan

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