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From "Vamsavardhana Reddy" <>
Subject Dynamically adding ModuleBuilderExtensions and NamingBuilders
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 21:07:57 GMT
As part of deploying SCA enhanced Web Applications in Geronimo with Tuscany
Plugin, I am looking to add a ModuleBuilderExtension (MBE) to
TomcatModuleBuilder and a NamingBuilder.  The purpose of the MBE is to add
SCA related EmbeddedRuntimeGBean to the web application config which will
deploy the application composite to the SCA domain.  The purpose of the
NamingBuilder is to add SCA Domain and other objects (required for injection
of SCA references in servlets etc.) into the WebAppContext.  I am seeing
that the MBE and NamingBuilder GBeans which are added as part of the Tuscany
Plugin can not get dynamically added to the MBEs configured in
tomcat6-builder config and NamingBuilders configured in j2ee-deployer
config.  The one option I see is to update the plan.xml files in
tomcat6-builder and j2ee-deployer configs and rebuild the server.  But this
won't be like the MBE and NamingBuilder is getting added as part of
Tuscany-plugin installation.  The other option is to add (don't know if it
is easy to do this hack) the MBE and NamingBuilder to the corresponding
collections in TomcatModuleBuilder and NamingBuilder GBeans.  I appreciate
any suggestions/comments or inputs on any alternate approach that I am not


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