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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Only Support Java SE 6 with Geronimo 2.2
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 16:46:27 GMT
On Nov 7, 2008, at 11:33 PM, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
>> I'm for moving to a Java SE 6 only runtime for Geronimo 2.2.
> I'm not kean on the idea.  Java SE 6 has not been out for that long,  
> relatively speaking and a lot of production environments will still  
> be on Java SE 5.

Personally I'm in the same boat...  One major reason for me is that  
Java SE 6 isn't really all that well supported on  Mac OS X yet, while  
the platform does have an implementation, its slow and buggy... which  
does cause problems for many Geronimo developers.

But also, IMO there isn't anything ubersignificant in SE 6 that G  
needs to function.  The javax.script stuff would be nice, though we  
don't really need that at the moment.  The stuff would  
be good too... but again, not critical for the functionality or  

While I wish Mac OS X (and the rest of the world) would hurry up and  
get things kick ass optimal on SE 6 right the *uck now, the reality is  
that it isn't and unless there is a significant reason to make SE 6  
the baseline java version I will strongly push back.


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