Is there an overview of how the existing TGP works, preferably comprehensible from a geronimo-centric viewpoint?

On Oct 3, 2008, at 2:57 AM, ant elder wrote:

I'd like to start spending more time actively working on the Tuscany Geronimo integration and having that more support the SCA JEE specification (see: [1]). Here is a rough outline of what i'd like to do:

The goal of this would be to use Geronimo and Tuscany to create an SCA-enabled Java EE runtime, which from the SCA JEE specification means "a Java EE runtime that supports deployment and execution of SCA-enhanced Java EE applications as well as SCA-enhanced Java EE modules."

We already have a start of that with the old Tuscany Geronimo Plugin [2] and there's another wiki page thats started to be used to capture some requirements at [3]. Currently the old TGP has got out of date and doesn't work with any current releases of Geronimo or Tuscany so the first thing to do is to get a basic plugin going again and then gradually add functionality to it so it does things like:
- adds all Tuscany jars and their dependencys into Geronimo

If you build this stuff as a geronimo plugin using the geronimo maven2 car-maven-plugin the maven dependencies will turn into geronimo plugin dependencies and get installed automatically when you install the TGP into a geronimo server.  I don't think this was really working when the original TGP was written.

- supports existing Tuscany webapps without needing to include any Tuscany jars or dependencys in the lib directory

Keep in mind I know nothing about tuscany :-)
You may find it valuable to set up a "tuscany classloader" geronimo plugin that has all the tuscany jars in it, and has appropriate parents for stuff it needs like jee specs or jaxb.  Then any app can use this as a parent classloader and get all the tuscany stuff at once, and all apps will be using tuscany classes from the same classloader.

- supports simple jar contributions into a Tuscany standalone node
- supports Tuscany using Geronimo infrastructure for things such as HTTP and JMS hosts
- supports for SCA enabled JEE application local assembly
- supports SCA wiring across JEE applications and modules

These sound cool, wish I knew what they meant :-)

david jencks

Thats a high level and incomplete list, it is in a rough order of when things get done and some of the items may not be needed in the log term but are just stepping stones to the later items. There's been lots of off list discussion about this so i'd like to try to move that all to the mailing lists from now so everyone can participate and can see whats going on. I'd like to try to break the work down into several milestones with actual releases that we can ask users in both Tuscany and Geronimo to try out as we go along to get feedback and also to try to promote some interest around SCA in JEE.