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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Where will ee6 development take place?
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 17:46:02 GMT

On Oct 16, 2008, at 10:32 AM, Kevan Miller wrote:

> On Oct 15, 2008, at 7:50 PM, David Jencks wrote:
>> I realize I've been assuming that we'll just develop ee6 features  
>> in trunk and release 2.2 with a bunch or all of ee6 implemented.  I  
>> have some connector 1.6 stuff I'm about to commit....
>> This attitude might cause tck problems especially with signature  
>> tests.  On the other hand maybe we can get signature updates.
>> What do other people think we should do?
> I'm all for making progress w/ Java EE 6 items. However, It's highly  
> doubtful that we'll see tck updates for specs which are not even in  
> public draft form. So, I' wouldn't be too hopeful that we'll see  
> timely Java EE 5 TCK updates from Sun. I think we should plan  
> accordingly and have Java EE 5 configurations that we're able to  
> target our compliance efforts on.

I guess what  I'll do is to try to make it really easy to switch  
between spec versions in the trunk build.

For connector this will entail:

- moving some versions into the connector plugin root pom
- copying the connector plugin to a connector1_6 plugin
- using some maven properties to select which plugin and component and  
spec gets used
- dealing with dependencies.xml changes via a patch (or updating c-m-p  
to allow property substitution in the dependencies.xml files)

Hopefully this won't be too inconvenient for new work or old work.

IIUC Jetty is actively considering accepting something like my jaspi- 
enabled version into jetty trunk: if and when this happens I can  try  
to do something similar to the above proposal for connector for the  
jetty7 integration now in my sandbox.

Many thanks
david jencks

> --kevan

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