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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Grails, JRuby on Rails, etc... scripting languages/environments and Geronimo integration
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 14:52:57 GMT
On Oct 10, 2008, at 4:27 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:
> Grails framework - This is a self contained framework that leverages  
> groovy for scripting.  It uses a rails like code by convention  
> approach to generate and host web applications.   It is licensed  
> under Apache. It embeds Jetty for hosting the generated web  
> applications but can also export WAR files which can be then  
> deployed application servers like Geronimo.  There is an article  
> that gives a nice description on how to utilize Grails to generate a  
> web app and deploy it into Geronimo (

> ).
> As far as integration with Geronimo goes, I'm not sure that there is  
> much to we can do.  I guess we could document this in our wiki or  
> perhaps generate a plugin (or whatever the Grails term is) so that  
> the geronimo deployment plan can be generated rather than created  
> manually, but I'm not sure that is worth the effort.  There doesn't  
> seem to be a good place for programmatic integration with regard to  
> the framework itself.

Um, there isn't a good place, because there isn't really any need for  
anything.  From the containers perspective its just another WAR  

I would still be interested to see something, a sample even, running  
under Grails inside of Geronimo.  AFAICT Grails is a very powerful  
framework for whipping up apps, so we could potentially use it... say  
for the console :-P

> JRuby on Rails - My understanding is that this is basically a Ruby  
> implementation that runs on the Java VM (the JRuby portion) and  
> leverages the Rails framework.  It is licensed under CPL/GPL/LGPL.   
> In many ways it is similar to Grails using an embedded web server to  
> facilitate a rapid application development environment ... this time  
> built upon the JRuby language interpreter.  Here again, I suspect we  
> can provide some directions so that an exported war could be  
> deployed in Geronimo (or perhaps a plugin to generate geronimo  
> deployment plans) but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of  
> direct integration that we can provide.
> There are other frameworks as well.  Trails is one that I stumbled  
> on which is also in the same vein as Grails with a focus on  
> definition of the domain model and generating the rest of the app  
> dynamically.

 From what I have seen, most dynamic languages which run in Java also  
support some-sort of web/WAR integration.  But don't really require  
much else to work.  So I think that simply providing samples is  

I guess supporting the javax.script/JSR-223 stuff via Apache BSF 3.x  
is a good idea, though really I've no idea how/if/why someone would  
want to use it.  Maybe someone wants to generate a web-page, or maybe  
someone wants to get the return value of a script injected into their  
GBean, or wants the script to be their GBean, or wants to have a chunk  
of script executed when the server loads... who knows.


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