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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: JAAS Configuration
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 06:31:07 GMT

On Oct 26, 2008, at 6:55 PM, Ivan wrote:

> Hi:
>     While configuring the JAAS Login in the Geronimo, I just found  
> that we use GeronimoLoginConfiguration to replace the JVM's  
> ConfigurationFile, shall we give an opportunity to let the user to  
> get the config from JVM's Configuration.
>     For example, we could first to check from Gronimo's setting, if  
> null is returned, we could invoke  
> oldConguration.getAppConfigurationEntry(name).
>     Or do we have a reason that we should not retrieve the  
> configuration from JVM's Setting ? Thanks !

We used to have a lot of reasons not to consider the jvm's  
Configuration, but since we stopped trying to do combined local-remote  
login configurations there are no strong reasons I can think of right  
now that would prevent the default Configuration from working for non- 
geronimo login modules.  Most of our login modules use special  
configuration options that won't work with  the default Configuration.

I'm not likely to try to implement this myself soon but if you wanted  
to look into modfifying the GeronimoLoginConfiguration to delegate to  
the default Configuration if the realm name is not known I'd certainly  
look at the patch and if I don't see anything that interferes  
seriously with our current setup apply it.

I'd prefer that we try our configuration first, then the default  
configuration since ours doesn't involve reading any files.

Alternatively if you don't need any geronimo login modules you could  
probably turn off the GeronimoLoginConfiguration gbean at which point  
the default would start working.

david jencks

> -- 
> Ivan

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