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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: EclipseWorld 2008
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2008 18:22:39 GMT
Hi Dan, thanks for reviewing them. I basically went through the overview slides 
very rapidly to start into the demos right away. Then after each demo we reviewed 
which components of the overall Java EE 5 platform architecture were 
used/exercised. That's why the overview diagram is repeated after each demo. I 
thought both demos classes went very well, and based on the cursory feedback from 
the attendees, it seems to be a much better approach then doing slides alone. 
Also, I had so many demos ready for Part 2 that the attendees were able to pick 
and choose those they were most interested in seeing......

Dan Becker wrote:
> Hey Tim,
> I just wanted to say I downloaded and read your slides, and I found them 
> to be very informative and helpful. Especially the demos.
> Your two presentations are 35 and 26 slides. Are you skipping over many 
> of the slides in the live demos?
> Tim McConnell wrote:
>> Hi, I'm at EclipseWorld 2008 this week. On Wednesday morning I'll be 
>> leading two sessions about using Geronimo and the GEP to develop Java 
>> EE 5 applications. In response to some of the feedback I received last 
>> year, I've decided to make these sessions more interactive (and 
>> hopefully more interesting) by using only a very few presentation 
>> slides, and instead will be executing many of the GEP/Geronimo 
>> tutorials we've accumulated and documented in the past year or so. My 
>> goal is to spark more questions and interest since they'll see many of 
>> the capabilities of the GEP and Geronimo live in action and they'll be 
>> encouraged to execute the demos along with me if they wish. So, if 
>> you'd like to review what slides and demos I'll be using they can be 
>> found below. As always review comments are welcome and appreciated. 
>> Thanks.
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Tim McConnell

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