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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject javadoc for server source
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 20:30:52 GMT
I think it was Jarek that first raised the alert that the javadoc 
available for the server on our website is still pointing to 2.0.1.

I took a look into generating some updated javadoc for 2.1.3 but 
encountered a problem and wonder if anybody has any ideas.

While attempting to build the javadoc using the maven javadoc plugin I 
continually get a OutOfMemoryErrors.  This persists even if I set -Xmx 
to the max (2048).

After some google searches I stumbled on this and was hopeful it might 
be culprit [1] given that we have several "<attribute" entries in 
comments that javadoc might attempt to process as address tags.  However 
even after encoding the "<" to &lt; for each "<attribute" in a comment I 
still encountered the same problem.

Any ideas?

There are some directions on generating the javadoc located here if you 
want to give it a shot yourself:
Perhaps this has something to do with the java version on my mac.

and the referenced bug


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