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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Looking back to 2.0.x
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2008 00:28:12 GMT
Hello all,

With the discussion of where the JEE 6 development will be done, I
realized (again) that we never released 2.0.3.

The only thing that kept us from releasing 2.0.3 was an exception that
only occurred under stress testing the server (a

And, recently, when we added a number of security patches that were the
driver for releasing 2.1.3 - the same security patches were put into the
2.0.x codestream as well.

Should we put out one last release of 2.0.x and then officially
encourage anyone on a level lower than 2.1.x to upgrade?  I think that
is probably what we should do.  At this point, there is a range of work
being applied to 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x and soon 3.0.x (or however we
version the upcoming JEE 6).

Also, do we have an official 'support period'?  Would it be worthwhile
to discuss implementing one if we don't?  Letting our users know that we
intend to support a particular major.minor release (bug fixes only)
would make it easier for them to plan which version they want to
implement against and plan/schedule their server upgrades.  Maybe we
would specify a window of '12 months after the next higher minor
release'.  Version 2.1.0 was released this February, so 2.0.x 'official'
support would end next February.  Of course if someone felt like
continuing to make fixes (and they had someone to run TCKs against them)
then 'unofficial' support may run longer.

Our resources are being spread -really- thin.  And as a result, 2.0.x
has been nearly abandoned.  We have security fixes that were put in this
September, but no release in the last 12 months.  When 2.2.x is finally
released and the JEE 6 work begins in earnest - I have a feeling that
2.1.x will begin to fall by the wayside as well.

Regardless - I mainly wanted to know if anyone thought that we should go
ahead and do a final release on 2.0.x.  I think the security fixes make
it worthwhile.  But then, maybe we should officially set an end for 2.0.

Any thoughts?


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