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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Improve geronimo samples use experience
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 05:37:59 GMT

On Oct 12, 2008, at 9:47 PM, Forrest_Xia wrote:

> Generating standalone and deployment-ready war or ear ball will make  
> geronimo
> samples more easier for first try, and will improve user's use  
> experience.
> For currently generated war or ear of samples 2.1.2 release, user  
> should
> supply an external deployment plan.xml to make it deployable. I  
> think it
> will lead user bad use experience when first trying a simple sample  
> war or
> ear ball.
> Of course, I believe geronimo plugin is a good stuff to try those  
> samples,
> but it takes time for user to build up geronimo plugin knowledge.
> For an experienced JEE developer, he/she is used to consider a .ear  
> or .war
> ball is a ready-to-deploy artifact. Suppose that, If they finally  
> find they
> need to learn more about geronimo in order to make a simple  
> sample's .ear or
> .war deployed succussfully, what feeling will they have?
> I think well considering user's use habit and ensuring first-try  
> success
> experience is very important to attract new user to stay with our  
> JEE server
> and consequently work with it.
> So I would suggest we add back geronimo specific deployment plan into
> packaged war or ear balls. What do you think of this?

Well, the _only_ javaee compliant location for a plan that I know of  
is _outside_ the javaee artifact... see jsr88.  Any time you include a  
plan inside a javaee artifact you are using a proprietary extension.

I'm not familiar with what other container recommend, are you?

Most of the samples do need a plan to indicate at least the dependency  
on the samples datasource.  I'm not really convinced that hiding this  
plan inside the javaee artifact will make it clear to users that the  
dependency is required.

I'm not completely opposed to including a plan if we can provide some  
automated way to make sure it is at least as functional as the related  
plans in the plugin subprojects.  Do you have any ideas on how to  
assure this?  Is it worth the extra effort?

Another possibility might be to publish the completed plans from the  
plugin subprojects as additional attached artifacts with say  
classifier "plan".  That way the plans would be available through  
maven just as the javaee artifacts are.  To me the main problem with  
deploying the javaee artifacts is that you have to build the plugins  
anyway to get the completed plan, and making the plans as available as  
the javaee artifacts might solve this problem.

david jencks

> Forrest
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