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From randersen <>
Subject Re: Multiple Instances With One Repository
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2008 14:02:07 GMT

djencks wrote:
> On Oct 16, 2008, at 11:56 AM, randersen wrote:
>> The structure would be more like:
>>    customers
>>        customer1
>>            customer1-repo
>>            instance1
>>                var
>>            instance2
>>                var
>>        customer2
>>            customer2-repo
>>            instance1
>>              var
>> This would allow the deployment of multiple customers on 1 machine  
>> that use
>> different databases to use the same database pool without having to  
>> deploy a
>> second repository in each instance for the database pool.  Is there  
>> a system
>> property for the repository directory like there is for the var  
>> directory?
> I'd like to know more about what you are trying to do.  If each  
> customer is using the same applications and the only difference  
> between them is which database their copy of the app needs to connect  
> to then you only need one repo.  The only reason I can think of to  
> have one repo for each customer is if you have apps for one customer  
> that you need to prevent being started on other customer's servers.
> In the unlikely event you are using derby or another db that stores  
> data inside geronimo's var dir then each customer will already get a  
> new copy of derby simply because they have their own var dir.
> In the more likely event you are using an external db and each  
> customer has their own copy you have at least these two options:
> 1. use a config.xml snippet with a config-substitutions variable for  
> the db name or url (and user/pw presumably) and set these in each  
> server's var/config/
> 2. deploy a fully configured db pool on each customer's server   
> pointing to the appropriate db and use artifact-aliases to have it  
> replace a standard or dummy db pool.
> still trying to understand what you are trying to do....
> thanks
> david jencks
> The only difference is the database to which they are connecting to and it
> is an external one. We will be running multiple customers (each customer
> having a different database connection) with multiple instances for that
> customer on the same host and using the same version of the application. 
> The only thing that needs to change is the db connection information for
> the database pool.
> 1. Would that be this line:
>     <module name="console.dbpool/CustomerDBPool/1.0/rar"/>
>    how do you specify the attributes for it?
> 2. I don't understand this part, are you saying that for each customer we
> have a separate installation of geronimo?  So if I have 3 customers on one
> host I'll have 3 installed versions of the software with the instance
> config under each one?
> I like the sound of #1, that would mean that we could have 1 installation
> of geronimo and have all the instances underneath and just change
> config.xml for the ones that would use a different db connection.

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