Hi Joe,

Yes, it works now. The new structure for 2.2 is successfully updated in the space. Thank you.


2008/9/4 Joe Bohn <joe.bohn@earthlink.net>
You should have all of the authorization you need with geronimo-contributors.  It contains everything from geronimo-users plus some.  If you haven't already done so, you should signoff and back on again to pick up the new authorization.

I think we need to remove the geronimo-users group - Does anybody know the purpose of this group anyway?


Rhoda Zheng wrote:
Hi Joe,

Please help grant "geronimo-users" to "Rhoda Zheng" as well. It seems that I can't edit ***Apache Geronimo v2.2* <http://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxDOC22/documentation.html>** docs. Thanks a lot.


2008/9/3 Joe Bohn <joe.bohn@earthlink.net <mailto:joe.bohn@earthlink.net>>

   After finally finding your userid I did add you to the
   geronimo-contributors group.

   Thanks for helping out with the doc.

   Rhoda Zheng wrote:

       Hi Joe,

       My ICLA is on file now. You can find "Wenjing Zheng" in the list
       of ASF Committers. Could you please grant me contributor access
       to the wiki? Thank you very much.


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       Hi Bill, hi Joe,

       My ICLA is on file now. Thank you very much.


       2008/8/29 bill stoddard <bill@wstoddard.com
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          Joe Bohn wrote:

              Hi Rhonda,

              We're glad that you would like to help with the
              Before you can be given contributor access you must first
              an ICLA (Individual Contributor License Agreement) with the
              Apache Software Foundation.  I just checked and I don't see a
              record of an ICLA on file for you yet.  Please let us
       know when
              it is filed and once verified we can grant you contributor
              access to the wiki.

              You can find the form and information on how to submit it at
              this URL:

          Hi Rhoda,
          Here is the link to the ICLA pdf:

          You can submit the form electronically by printing, filling out,
          signing, then scanning it.  Send the scanned and signed form to:

          secretary at apache dot org
          legal-archive at apache dot org

          It will probably take about a week (maybe a bit more due to the
          upcoming labor day holiday) for the ICLA to be recorded by the