Thanks Tim! Keen to see GEP to support Java 6. Suppose this is implemented with GERONIMODEVTOOLS-466, right?


2008/8/29 Tim McConnell <>

Donald Woods wrote:
Yep, all of the below sound good to me.

After GEP 2.1.3, are we planning on creating a branches/2.1 for any future GER 2.1.x updates, so trunk can become 2.2 focused?


Tim McConnell wrote:
Hi everyone, to coincide with the 2.1.3 Geronimo server I would like to release another version of the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin. It should primarily be maintenance release so that we can provide fixes for GEP 2.1.2 with some minor functional enhancements. Here is the content so far:

   1.  JIRA fixes
   2.  Small incremental enhancements, such as:
        a. Deployment plan editor enhancements
        b. Better support in GEP for Ganymede p2 ??  Please provide any thoughts, comments, suggestions, and/or objections you might have for this plan.

Tim McConnell