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From "Lin Sun" <>
Subject Re: boilerplate, jaxws-tools (convert from jar to car format?)
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2008 19:27:10 GMT
I tried to change boilerplate to car format and it seems okay (the
assembly plugin is able to generate a .car file).

However, my other problem still remains that the boilerplate and
jaxws-tools still shows as installable when I request to display
plugins listed at http://localhost:8080/plugin/maven-repo/, along with
those plugin groups.  For plugin groups, I can add some logic in
validatePlugin method in plugininstaller to handle plugin groups...
but not sure how to handle these two?   They are essentially same as
plugin groups that we cannot uninstall them and should be marked as
not installable if they are listed in the installed-plugins list IMHO.

Maybe we need to introduce another property in plugin metadata to
differentiate them?  or always put them into a particular category?


On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 1:50 PM, David Jencks <> wrote:

> At least the boilerplate uses the assembly plugin rather than c-m-p.  I'm
> not sure you will be able to get the assembly plugin to generate a .car file
> without switching to using the c-m-p.  I think it would be nice to use c-m-p
> instead of the assembly plugin here but I'm not sure what you'd need to do.
>  You might need to use the deployment plugin to copy a bunch of jars
> ( to a temp area and the antrun plugin to copy
> them to the appropriate (e.g. bin/server.jar) location.  I tried out some
> stuff like this in rev
> related to GERONIMO-4302:
> that had some other problems that caused me to revert the change.
> I hope you can get this to work one way or another without too much
> hair-pulling :-)
> thanks
> david jencks
>> Thanks
>> Lin

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