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From "Lin Sun" <>
Subject weird prob with db pool portlet (G4322)
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2008 16:42:12 GMT

I have been debugging a weird prob with the console db pool portlet.
The prob only happens when selecting a db that has something like the
following, for example database type = SQL Server


I suspect it is the semi-colon causing the prob as this seems only
happen with the JDBCUrl that contains ";DatabaseName={Database}".

Then the JDBC url is interpreted as on the resulting page:


By going through the debugger, the parameter is stored fine in
ActionResponse, however, it is incorrect when retrieved from
RenderRequest.    And this caused other parameter values (such as
DriverClass) got lost in RenderRequest too.

First I saw this was working on G 2.1.3 on my winxp(firefox 2), but
failed on G trunk on my mac book pro (safari & firefox 2).  Then I
started an older version of G 2.1.2 or G2.1.3 on my Mac and it failed
too.  It sounds a pluto prob to me and we are using the same version
of pluto between 2.1.3 and trunk.   I opened G4322 for this, and
invite you to comment on it.


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