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From "Lin Sun" <>
Subject Re: Plugin groups
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 02:33:54 GMT
See in-line below.

> It was my understanding that the plugin-groups aggregated plugins together
> and could be arbitrarily complex.  I also thought that the plugin groups
> would themselves be cars (with dependencies on other cars) that could be
> released and installed independently (however I just noticed that they are
> actually jars in the build so maybe I am confused).

Yes, it is currently in jar format as that way it won't get registered
with the server configuration.   From what I can tell, when using
c-m-p, the car packaging format will be automatically registered in
the server configuration.  Maybe this behavior can be changed then we
can switch to the car packaging format.

> If we distribute them with specific plugins (which are just one of many that
> are included in the group) then I'm not clear how you would choose which
> plugin to associate it with.  For example, if you wanted a group that
> included tomcat, cxf, ejb, and clustering which plugin would get "ownership"
> of the group?

A user can create servers out of plugin groups.   This has been
demonstrated to work in little G assemblies (using maven) or the
customer server assembly portlet or deploy/assemble gshell command.
A user can choose whatever plugin groups they want to construct their
servers.   Feel free to check these out in the latest G 2.2 trunk.


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