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From "Jason Warner" <>
Subject Re: Can gshell give geronimo system properties?
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 02:21:23 GMT
Hi David,

I'm not sure how useful this will be, but here's the GShell documentation
from the wiki,
 I believe you can pass properties to the server using the -G command.
This is used for geronimo properites of the type org.apache.geronimo only, I
believe.  From my understanding of how it works, if you were to want to pass when starting the server you would do
"geronimo/start-server -G".  Note that the
org.apache.geronimo portion is not used.  Hopefully this is what you're
looking for.

On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 7:56 PM, David Jencks <>wrote:

> I've been looking at passing some system properties to geronimo via gshell
> as if on the command line with -Dproperty=value and haven't figured out any
> way to do it.  Am i terminally dumb or is this not yet implemented?
> e.g. in the gshell console...
> >geronimo/start-server -Dproperty=value
> More specifically I am thinking about supplying some overrides for some
> values and wonder if we should have a
> shorthand
> geronimo/start-server --config-substitution key=value or something similar.
>  Is it possible to have a multivalued option?
> I already hacked in locally support for setting the server name:  -s
> servername  which is equivalent to
> =servername
> thanks
> david jencks

~Jason Warner

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