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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject GShell update
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 18:17:43 GMT
Finally got back to hacking on GShell... and have been working on  
replacing the Plexus container with a Spring container.  Today I  
finally got it working correctly, using maven repository for  

Still got some work left to do to clean up the layout muck and make  
the help command functional again, but its in progress.

Anyways, just a tiny update that things are progressing....

I'm not sure what is gonna happen with the gshell-rapture/plexus  
integration... as I get more and more into the gshell-wisdom/spring  
integration I'm feeling more and more that I should just drop the  
plexus stuff.  We are still using plexus though to load the  
ArtifactManager used to resolve the GShell applications classpath,  
though I have hopes that the new Maven Mercury API can be used and  
requires less Plexus muck to work, but I've not actually tried that  
yet.  Also the current gshell-artifact integration requires most of  
the Maven 2.1.* artifacts to resolve poms, which I'm tempted to just  
replace with a wee bit of xstream model stuff to *simulate* the basics  
needed to resolve an artifacts transitive dependencies... but for now  
I just use Maven, which inflates the system like 2m... sucky, but it  

So, the main design issue we have right now is what to do with the  
layout muck... might rip it out, have a flat list of commands and then  
re-implement the hierarchy... hot sure yet.

Anyways... making progress.


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